Unicenter,situated at the National Strategic Development Zone——core position of Qianhai Shenzhen , it is the first international metropolis core complex in Qianhai. Unicenter covers 100,000 ㎡ with total construction area about 880,000 ㎡. It integrating experiential shopping mall——uniwalk, top ecological office building, high-end sea view apartment, top leisure club, stylish commercial street and many other functions. It aims at building Qianhai’s landmark buildings, piloting the future development of Shenzhen.

Unicenter is the largest benchmark-oriented  urban complex in Shenzhen ,it is invested by Horoy Group ,developed by Uniland Real Estate (Shenzhen) Company Limited, operated by Shenzhen Uniland Commercial Management Company Limited .The total investment amounts to RMB 12 billion, it will be open in 2016 .Unicenter adhering to the “Rigorous and Pragmatic”attitude, “Professional and Focused” spirit and “Innovative and Beyond” philosophy,it has gathered a world-class team with professional expertise ,devoted to make world-class product.

Unicenter is a double metro property, directed by the philosophy of nature .It blends experiential shopping mall , fashion leisure, sea view apartment ,business &office ,catering & entertainment ,culture and creativity in perfectly ,it takes the responsibility of the leap frog development in this erea . The essences of the city, merging into Unicenter .


In traditional Chinese culture, “One” means a lot. In Tao Te Ching, it is written that “The tao produced one, one produced two, two produced three, three produced all things.”“One” is the beginning of all, “one” is the origin of all. It can be derivative and all-inclusive.  “Fang” means square in English. It implies angular, stable and solid in Chinese culture, just like the building is. Unicenter, it dominates this area, leads this area and beautify this area. Unicenter, it shows our ambition and our confidence.