Kengo Kuma, a Japanese contemporary architect, said that “Architecture is the extension of nature, and it can make people happy from physically to mentally.”The buildings of Unicenter were designed by CALLION, an American company, which ranks first in the field of commercial buildings. The construction of this building is directed by the philosophy as ”Setting sail”. The buildings look like a luxury liner. It sounds the bugle and starts its trip from Qianhai

Urban Green

At the ground level,shaded pedestrian areas draw people to and through the site. A lush landscape provides cleaner air,cooler temperatures and a relaxing place to dine during a busy office work day. The Urban Green concept connects with the Rainwater Harvesting and Sky Gardens concepts to bring the greenery all the way to the top.

High performance Envelope

For maximum value to the long-term owner, high performance envelopes will save energy costs over the building’s life time .Triple glazing ,low-e coatings ,highly insulated spandrel panels and walls, thermal breaks, and shading devices can be combined to give this iconic structure an envelope to match.

Sky Garden Amenities

At intermediate and upper floors ,landscaped terraces provide garden spaces for tenants. Outdoor meeting spaces and dining areas bring park-side enjoyment to building occupants.

Green Roof

Vegetation and growing plant material replaces the directly exposed traditional roof surface to mitigate the urban heat island effect and prolong the life of roof membranes and roof itself as well as provides the a gathering places with nature for the residents and visitors within the project.

The garden of Unicenter was designed by Belt Collins, an American company, which is famous for landscape design.” A drop of water raises thousand ripples” is the theme of this garden. It blends mountain, water and buildings in perfectly and shows neat scenery.

The interior design of Unicenter was designed by Laguarda. Low Architects. Unicenter inspired by Shenzhen’s natural landscape, sea wind and wave, fully integrates the elements of “mountain and water” into commercial interior design. It is designed by three themes, “origin, bay and convergence”, forming a great spatial arrangement and combining nature with architecture, and converging reiki into Uniwalk. Strolling around Uniwalk, leisure and shopping is not just a commercial activity, but also a natural experiential journey and an aesthetics feast.