Horoy, founded in 1991, has always being adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Cultivate Oneself, Regulate the Family, and Reward the Society”. Through internal and external refinement, with a socially responsible attitude, oriented by the market demand, Horoy has gradually developed into a large conglomerate with absolute advantages in commercial real estate, residential real estate, industrial real estate, financial investment, mining investment and high-tech industry. There are 20 subsidiaries under the Group, with over 10,000 of employees. The Group is credited as one of the most competitive and potential enterprises in Shenzhen.

After 20 years of steady development, Horoy has developed more than 4 million square meters of boutique property in Shenzhen, including Sunny Park,Royal Bay, Park Land, Original Eco Mountain Villa、Wanderland、Crystal Town、Royal Garden and a series of high-end luxury residentials of great influence in Shenzhen. Horoy has been serving over 20,000 households and cultivating over 100,000 Horoy Club members. It is dedicated to building superior products and promising future, with Horoy professionalism to contribute to a greater glory and Horoy’s integrity to create better life in Shenzhen.