• Origin of name
  • Brand Interpretation

  • Origin of name


UNIWALK is a shopping mall as one part of Unicenter. The name of UNIWALK inherits from Unicenter.

“One” means a lot. In Tao Te Ching, it is written that “The tao produced one, one produced two, two produced three, three produced all things.”

“One” is the beginning of all, “one” is the origin of all. It can be derivative and all-inclusive.

“Fang” means square in English. It implies angular, stable and solid in Chinese culture, just like the building is.

“Cheng” can show the image that is powerful, abundant and satisfying. So is the UNIWALK, its merchandise is colorful and dazzling.

UNIWALK, it is not only meaningful and magnificent, but also graceful and exquisite. It accords with the overall image of Unicenter.


“UNI” is the abbreviation of “unique”, which means special, unparalleled and rare. Like the meaning of “unique”, UNIWALK is special, creative, extraordinary, and has superior status.

“UNI” is also the abbreviation of “union”, which means unified and joint. Like the meaning of “union”, UNIWALK has large number of merchandise and covers lots of models. It’s colorful and multiplex.

When people read “UNI”, they can imagine “Youni”. “Youni” means present at here in Chinese. So that this word can express the philosophy that UNIWALK welcomes everyone, respects everyone and services everyone. It pictures beautiful scenery that people meet, wander and enjoy life in UNIWALK.

“WALK”. When people hear this word, they will associate to avenue which has extensive space and in where they can enjoy pleasure of exercise. People can savor a leisure lifestyle in this place like the avenue can take to them.

“UNIWALK”, it blends classic and modern in one and show the cultural connotation of the project. People would enjoy their life and create more brilliant life in there.

The Chinese Graphic Design Master, Mr. Kan Tai-keung leads the team to try their utmost to build the image of the uniwalk.

From his perspectives, the best design must match the project tonality, and help the project establish its exclusive image.

Uniwalk, as the first super-large-scale shopping center in Qianhai, China, is leading the fashion , and bringing together the essence with its rich activities and one-stop life, thus taking on a new look of vibrant enthusiasm.

The design of uniwalk takes the wordmark as the subject, breaking the traditional icon design. Firstly, back-shaped arrangement of the texts constitutes the visual core, leaving an impression of coherence, conciseness and concentration. Secondly, the horizontal English words tilting into it, and interleaving with the Chinese words, represents the aggregation of dynamic, fashion and essence. Thirdly, the strokes inherit the characteristics of fluency and stability of the Chinese words. Therefore , it’s simple but changeable . Forth, the ingenious connection of exquisite fonts sets up its own style, and appears totally natural. Brushwork goes incessantly ,the whole logo presents a liquid picture ,it’s steady but vigorous .